Secure your summerhouse from afar

GSM communicator and controller

Know about everything that’s going on at your summerhouse. Our communicator and controller can remotely heat water in the boiler and at the same time warn you in the case of imminent fire or water damage. All this can be achieved through the MyJABLOTRON app or SMS.

Secure my summerhouse



Control your summerhouse by pushing a single button. All done remotely through the MyJABLOTRON app or SMS. Easily turn on the heater prior to your arrival, so the summerhouse will be nice and warm when you arrive.

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Mobile notifications

Have your mobile notify you in the case of emergency. You will be alerted to troublesome floods or fires through the MyJABLOTRON app or via SMS.

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Send instructions

Turn on your heating remotely through the MyJABLOTRON app or an SMS.

Turn on the heating

A GSM communicator and controller will receive your instructions and immediately turn on the heating.  

Heat up your summerhouse

The heater is turned on. Now you can look forward to spending your weekend in a warm and cozy summerhouse.

Mobile notifications

Danger prevention

Know about possible danger, e.g. about  fire.

Smoke detector

A GSM communicator and controller receives information from a smoke detector and immediately sends a message to pre-programmed numbers.

Early warning

You will be contacted immediately in the case of an emergency through a MyJABLOTRON notification or via an SMS giving you time to take action and prevent a disaster.

2 function

One GSM communicator and controller can control 2 functions.

4 situations

Each GSM communicator and controller will notify you in 4 different situations.

2 years

For all products, 2-year warranty& servicing support.

3 ways to maintain complete control

Whether you need to turn on the heating or receive notifications in the case of an emergency, you have several ways to maintain control.

Mobile app for smartphones
Web app for browsers
Notification via SMS

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Conditions of using the application

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Security for your home

Our JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system can protect your house. You will receive complete protection of your property with the possibility to control your whole household.

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