The Nanny breath monitor will look after your little one

BM02 NANNY Baby Monitor

The Nanny baby monitor can call for help. You can sleep peacefully knowing that our device will monitor the breathing of your baby and will immediately — acoustically and visually — warn you in the case of an emergency. Nanny is a medically certified device frequently used in hospitals.

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Medically certified breath monitor for babies

Nanny has passed a number of very strict clinical tests in accordance with European standards. It is 100% safe for children and it is also used in maternity wards and infant care centres. You can turn it on easily in the dark and once turned on, you will hear it even through a number of closed doors.


85 countries

The Nanny breathing monitor is used in many countries all around the world.

200 thousand

Parents all across the globe are satisfied with Nanny. That is why it is so successful.

2 years

Servicing support & Warranty For all products.

Connecting Nanny is easy

Nanny installation is very quick and easy. The breath monitor does not require any special maintenance and has a long battery life, so often batteries will only need to be inserted once, at the very first use of Nanny.

Insert batteries

Insert the included AA batteries into the breath monitor.

Place the sensing pad

Place the sensing pad beneath the mattress, which you can also purchase in one of our stores.

Connect to the unit

Secure the breath monitor on the cot and connect it with the cable to the pad.

And turn it on

Every time Nanny is turned on, it automatically checks its functionality and the state of the batteries.

How Nanny works

Each time the baby breathes out, a green light shows on the display. If the baby doesn’t breathe in for a duration longer than 20 seconds, or the breathing frequency decreases to under 8 breaths a minute, a red light appears and an alarm goes off. The sound alarm itself is able to wake up the baby from a deep sleep.

The Nanny can call for help even if your baby cannot do it by itself yet. It also warns you in the case of apnoea caused by vomiting.

I want a Nanny respiratory monitor

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