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The new cameras expand your security options. Thanks to the MyJABLOTRON application, your home can be fully monitored without having to constantly watch the phone The system automatically generates a minute-by-minute recording of every event from the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm thus providing an instant overview.

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Perfect connection to the alarm

The alarm records a warning

1. The alarm records a warning

The cameras are part of the JABLOTRON 100+ security system and automatically react to its status, whether it is an alarm, setting or unsetting the building.

It sends a recording to MyJABLOTRON

2. It sends a recording to MyJABLOTRON

The user receives a minute-by-minute recording of every event in the MyJABLOTRON application. Allowing instant verification of the situation.

The security centre’s role

3. The security centre’s role

The entire system can be connected to a security centre, whose operators take care of everything. If there is an alarm, it contacts the owner and sends a response unit.

Basic camera features

Video sequence

Automatic recording 30 seconds before and after an alarm.

Recording for 3 and 7 days

Multi-day recording of alarms over the last 3 or 7 days.


Live video from the camera that can be run anytime to check the situation.

How does it work?

The cameras and alarm are available in the MyJABLOTRON app, giving the user everything in one place. They automatically receive a minute-by-minute recording of every event. They can check everything immediately to have peace of mind.


3-day video recording

Spending a weekend away?
Take advantage of the 3-day recording service to have an overview of what's happening at home, no matter where you are over the weekend.


7-day video recording

Are you often away from home?
You can use the 7-day recording service to easily check what's going on so you won't miss a thing.

The latest technology

The cameras use cloud communication to securely store data. It cannot therefore be stolen or deleted. Moreover, all communications are encrypted and safeguarded against misuse.

  • Colour video with Full HD
  • Camera angle of up to 115°
  • Infrared lighting in poor visibility

For all products 2-year warranty servicing support


Technical specifications

JABLOTRON cameras meet the strictest technical and functional requirements. They can be placed both inside and outside.

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Easy to install

Very easy to install in just a few minutes. Installed by certified Jablotron installation partners.

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of pixels




IR auxiliary

lighting area

Sensor Power supply



JI-111C 2 Mpix

Full HD

115° 30 m



PoE (802.3af) / 12 V RJ-45 10M/100M Ethernet
JI-112C 2 Mpix

Full HD

90° 50 m


PoE (802.3af) / 12 V RJ-45 10M/100M Ethernet

Kamery a alarm

1. Camera registration

Switch on your camera and connect it to the Internet. Simply register it in MyCOMPANY by reading the QR code.

2. Naming the camera

All you need to do after reading the code is to assign a name to the camera. Everything else is set automatically in the MyCOMPANY application.

Bezpečnostní kamera online

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3. The camera has been installed.

The camera is immediately available for the user in the MyJABLOTRON application in the Gallery tab and you can display its preview.

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