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Use our free mobile and web app MyCOMPANY, created for the needs of our installation partners. You can easily create quotes, have access to your customer database and maintain their devices remotely.

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Running a business can be challenging and anything that will make your operations run smoother is useful. We know full well what our installation partners have to go through, so we created an app specifically for them.


Customers and installation

You can easily create a professional quote in the app or run a client database. You can remotely maintain installed devices and register new clients in MyCOMPANY. The app will even make sales returns easier.


Training and materials

Gain advantage over your competitors and use the best know-how there is, made available to you in the e-learning part of the app. Instructions, webinars, manuals and marketing materials are also available. Make the most of it and educate yourself at home.


Number of installation partners using the MyCOMPANY app all around the world.


The number of devices that are remotely accessed by our partners through the MyCOMPANY app.

2 thousand

Our partners create more than 2000 quotes in the MyCOMPANY app each month.

What MyCOMPANY can do

Save yourself a trip to your customer. You can remotely access his devices through the MyCOMPANY app and maintain them wherever you are. But that's not all MyCompany has to offer.

Installation administration

Effectively handle all your installations from wherever you are.

Quote creation

Create and handle professional quotations with just a few clicks.

Quote creation

You no longer have to spend hours creating a professional-looking quote. You can set your own template with your logo and contact details in the MyCOMPANY app. The only thing left to do is choose the products you will offer to the customers and they will be saved in the document with their image and description.

Once the client approves the quote, you can send it as an order to your supplier or print out the contract.

Installation administration

You can now react to the customers’ requests remotely by using our app. You can easily change the settings of a device or add another user. You will also see an overview of all your installations in one place. You can filter the information and show only, say, the alarms with a reported error.

Education and training

Do you need to attend a retraining course held by Jablotron Academy, but don't have the time to attend it? You will find educational videos in the app which you can watch at home. Afterwards, pass the final exam and receive a certificate.

Among other things, you will find current news and information about new products in the menu bar of the MyCOMPANY app.

Material database

Avoid piles of paperwork or downloading materials from numerous different sources.You will find everything in one place in the MyCOMPANY app.

You will find everything from installation manuals, to the latest software documentation, leaflets and other materials for self-promotion.

Advanced settings

Add your employees to the MyCOMPANY app and divide them into teams. Set rights for each of them for individual activities - from quote creation to installation administration.

You can also divide your customers into groups - eg. according to priority - and send them tailor-made quotes.

Free notifications

You will have an unlimited overview of all installed devices thanks to PUSH notifications, emails or SMSes.

You will know immediately if an alarm was set off in your customer’s premises or if their device needs a maintenance check-up.

For all devices

The MyJABLOTRON online self-service is a unique service enabling online access to all your devices and services from JABLOTRON

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You will gain free access to MyCOMPANY after passing one of the courses held by Jablotron Academy.

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