BM-02 Baby breath monitor

BM-02 NANNY is a baby breath monitor that keeps an eye on the baby when its parents sleep. NANNY continuously checks the baby´s breathing and movements to give an early warning during possible danger.

Baby breath monitor

BM-02 Baby breath monitor

NANNY triggers a loud acoustic and visual alarm if the baby's breathing and movements stop for longer than 20 seconds or if the rate of breathing is bellow 8 breathes per minute. This allows for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/Crib death) and other life threatening conditions (allergy, sudden illness, choking…) to be indicated in time to help save the baby.

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BM-02D Sensor pad

If you want to use the Nanny in multiple beds, use extra sensor pads (item number BM-02D). Install them in each bed and only change the location of the control unit.