Monitor how your vehicles are running

CU-07A and CU-08 monitoring devices

Control the location, fuel consumption and time schedule of your vehicles. You can easily monitor your vehicles and keep a logbook thanks to the MyJABLOTRON app.

I want to monitor my vehicles


For tradesmen

You can easily install a mobile monitoring unit in your car by yourself. In order to power it, simply use your car’s cigarette lighter. A great benefit is the monitor’s low price.

Upon arrival to your customer, just check the MyJABLOTRON app in order to see the mileage.


For companies

Jablotron monitoring is a complete and professional solution, yet its installation is very easy. The device is ideal for larger car fleets, lorries and construction machinery.

The monitoring device identifies the driver, switches between business and personal trips and if a problem occurs, it sends an emergency signal.

3 types

You can choose from 3 monitoring devices and  pick the one which best suits your needs.

99 drivers

The logbook in the MyJABLOTRON app offers the possibility of identification for almost a hundred drivers.


For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 5 years of extended servicing support.

See an overview of your vehicles at any time

You can have all the information about the location and the operation of your vehicles at hand thanks to the MyJABLOTRON mobile and web app.

Complete overview

You can easily filter the information by calendar or vehicle.

Current location

Track the location and route of your cars on the map in real time.

History of drives

You can check the driving history in detail.

Current location

You can see the exact location of every car on the map and it is possible to distinguish if they are in motion or not. The location of moving cars is updated every 20 seconds.

Cost Control
Monitor and record the running costs of your vehicles, such as fuel expenses, average consumption etc.
History of drives

You can filter by day or car in the overview menu, and view a summary of refueling or a summary for the day. You can export data used for future operations into xml and pdf files.

Record of drivers and vehicles

You can add new drivers to the MyJABLOTRON app, assign them to their car, rename the vehicles and edit the parameters. All in one place.

3 ways of monitoring your vehicles

Follow the location and operation of your vehicles from anywhere. You only need access to the internet.

Mobile app for smartphones
Web app for browsers
Web app for tablets

Download the application from

Apple Store Google Play

Conditions of using the application

Product comparison

One delivery or a fleet of lorries? We have the right devices for every situation.


CU-07A basic logistic unit

An easy-to-install mobile unit which recharges through a car’s cigarette lighter and is ideal for tradesmen.

CU-08 logistic unit

An easy-to-install mobile unit used for more complex operations. It is great for car fleets, lorries or construction machinery.

GSM/GPS CA-2103 car alarm

A car alarm which will protect your car and at the same time functions as a monitoring unit is the right choice for many different users.

Automatically activated on vehicle starting ano    
Automatically activated by turning the ignition key   ano ano
Information about departure ano ano ano
Information about the beginning of a drive ano ano ano
Location updates every 20 seconds ano ano ano
Choosing between business/personal trips via a switch   ano ano
Manage appliances (heater, fridge)   ano ano
Monitoring current the state of use (eg. a sand sprayer is spraying, a cement-mixer is mixing)   ano  
UPS     ano

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Vehicle security

Cars,commercial vehicles and agricultural machines are all potential targets for thieves. Protect your company’s  fleet of vehicles once and for all by using the JABLOTRON car alarm.

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